Emirates Home Care L.L.C is known for providing a very high-quality service in the home care field allover the middle east as a result of being managed and directed by healthcare professionals offering knowledge & unique expertise in their own field of specialization.


Badria Mohamed Ayash

General Manager


Personal Overview:

Mrs. Ayash has outstanding years of experience for almost 36 years in the Medical Field in a well-known Government Hospitals & institutions in United Arab Emirates. She deals with various types of Patients, Families & other healthcare professional from different nationalities that makes her to be known in a reputable facilities in Abu Dhabi Region. Her expertise in Management & Leadership makes every individual she’s dealing to be more successful, goal- oriented & well driven.


Michelle Macapagal

Director of Nursing


Personal Overview:

One of the most vibrant & career oriented individual with excellent achievement in Nursing profession, a HAAD License Holder, State of California Registered Nurse & Master’s Degree. Her combined experience in Saudi Arabia & UAE makes her managing the entire Nursing Department very well.


Edwin Tiglao  

Nursing Supervisor


Personal Overview:

A Registered Nurse HAAD License holder with exceptional experience in a Home Care Setting. His skills acquired from his previous Home Care facility helps him a lot to develop & implement things for the benefits of entire Nursing Department.


Precious Ines M. Asperilla

Medical Records Officer


Personal Overview:

A dedicated, organized and methodical individual who handles the facility’s medical records. She is a licensed Nurse by the DoH-Abu Dhabi and currently holds a Masteral Degree in Nursing. She ensures that the medical records are maintained in a manner compliant with ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements of health governing bodies.

Alaine Lopez

Team Leader – Physiotherapy


Personal Overview:

With more than 11-years experience as a Physical Therapist and with a proven track record on her education, she is adept in finding intuitive and effective solutions to difficult physical problems. She is very capable of assessing, testing and measuring patient status, formulating therapy progress, and documenting progress. She specializes in devising unique and efficient physical therapy programs for home care patients.


Maria Janice Geda



Personal Overview:

Having been involved in the physiotherapy sector for more than 10 years, she is equipped with the hands-on skills and educational qualifications necessary to thrive within this competitive field. She specializes in client-centered therapies and take a great deal of pride in her ability to build a long-lasting therapeutic relationship with the patients.


Ahmed Zakaria

Marketing Manager


Personal Overview:

Has been working for over 13 years in digital marketing using his advanced business administration degree combined with 20 years of knowledge & practice in Information technology which led him to become a key factor in raising the market shares of the company using his overall experience & knowledge his excellent communication skills


Ahmed Morsy

HR Manager


Personal Overview:

One of the pulsating & young professional in the team offering an updated knowledge in accounting to safeguard the company’s financial stability. The company is confident to appoint him as In- Charge in Accounting Department due to his dedication & willingness to learn new information in relation with the field.


Subha Gopakumar Gopala Kurup  

Senior Medical Coder


Personal Overview:

A certified & license medical coder with brilliant knowledge in ICD-9 & ICD-10 with excellent experience in one of the well-known medical center in Abu Dhabi. She supervise the Junior Medical Coder & make sure that all the transactions in relation with the claims & billings are completed before the due date with its precision & accuracy.


Edmarson Garel Suniga

Junior Medical Coder


Personal Overview:

A certified coder with knowledge in ICD-9 & ICD-10 primarily dealing with the patient billing & claims in a daily basis. He make sure that every submission will avoid any denials instead getting an excellent result from the insurance company that the company is dealing with.


Mark Aldrine Sebastian  

Support Service In-Charge (Transport)


Personal Overview:

A witty, positive & understanding individual making him to be likeable by all the staff. His attitude towards the other staff makes his work more effective & efficient.